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Ezra's Dairy located in Ohio's Amish Country is world famous.

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About Ezra's Dairy

Ezra’s Dairy Feta comes from a long line of tradition with over 100 years of passing down family secret recipes and know-how from one generation to the next. Handed down from father to son, they now bring that joy and expertise to the American marketplace with a traditional Mediterranean Feta cheese.

Combining cutting-edge technology from around the world with knowledge gleaned from years of cheese making, Ezra’s Dairy is producing an exceptional and unique feta. Unlike most feta, which is crumbly, Ezra’s Dairy Feta is packaged in a sea salt brine to maintain freshness and flavor. 

Its “stay fresh container” ensures the creamy, smooth texture of this authentic feta and is sold in chunks, slices, and cubes. Ezra’s Lite Feta is also available with only 1½ grams of fat per oz. (36 calories) compared to the regular feta that has 5 grams (70 calories). Ezra’s Dairy Feta is great for pastas, salads, sandwiches, pizza, cooking and baking as well as being ideal alone or served as an appetizer.

Bunker Hill Cheese is proud to introduce this authentic Mediterranean Feta cheese produced here in the heartland of America.