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About Green Field

Green Field Farms is committed to producing food as it has been done for centuries: with traditional farming methods that result in quality livestock, milk, eggs, fruit and vegetables. We offer a certified organic seal of authenticity guaranteeing our products including cheese, eggs and produce are healthy and nourishing. We use no chemicals or growth hormones in any of our farming processes.

Each Green Field Farms member adheres to strict procedures to ensure high quality and wholesome food products for our customers. We believe in being good stewards of the land and that working farms instill core values and principles in our families and our community. Many of the farming techniques we use today date back to our Swiss and German forefathers: livestock manure as our only fertilizer, frequent crop rotation, as well as free range grazing help us constantly monitor the health of our land, crops and animals. These are some of the methods that make us unique in today’s world of highly mechanized agriculture.

Sustainability, culture, and community are three important watchwords to the GFF family. We work together for the common interest of all while respecting the needs of the individual.  While our way of life is important to us and we endeavor to protect and enhance that culture, we respect all people and desire to add value to the community at large.

Green Field Farms offers certified organic products that we know will provide our customers healthy, nurturing food. Being ‘green’ and raising organic crops and animals are not new ideas to us – it’s just the way we have always farmed.