The Team

Lisa Troyer
Executive Vice President

I enjoy creative brainsforming, and availing opportunityto people to grow in their talents. Introducinggreat food - Family & Music
Kristie Ihrig
Sales Manager

I have a passion for the food industry and been in the foodbusiness for over 20 years to include Foodservice, SchoolNutrition, USDA and most recently Retail. It is important tome to build strong relationshiop in all aspects of my personallife and job. I'm a compassionate person who applies my ownpersonal code of conduct based on integrity, ethics, andteam-building. It my spare time I enjoy spending quality timewith my daughter and husband and live each day thankful.
Joanne Weaver
Account Manager

I value relationships in both business and personal andstrive to treat people the way I want to be treated. Iowned a coffee shop for ten years and so I understandthe Retail end of business as well as the wholesale. Ihave a passion for life and am always looking for newand different experiences. My off days are spent walking,riding bicycle, boating, reading, riding my motorcycle...the list is endless but always fun!
Bob Walker

I live every day with the feeling that I have been Blessed witha beautiful family, friends that I can count on, and theopportunity to work for a company that cares about itsemployees. Throw in the fact that I sell the Best Cheese inAmerica and "Life is Good!"