What We Do

Made with 100% Amish Farm Milk

Bunker Hill Cheese Company is provided a continuous supply of 100% Amish Farm Milk from the local farming community. The Amish Farm Milk contains no added hormones and is the only milk used in the production of our all natural cheeses.

Since the days of traditional milk cans arriving on the back of an Amish buggy to the present day, our relationship with area farmers goes back decades, a fact that we are extremely proud of.

"Raw Milk Statement"

No Added Hormones

Each of the over 250 Amish Farms that provide milk to Bunker Hill Cheese Company for the production of our cheese have been certified that they use no added hormones on their farms.

At Bunker Hill Cheese Company, we are committed everyday to providing our customers with the quality, consistency, and natural goodness that they have come to expect from our cheese.

"Artificial Growth Hormone Free Statement"