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Discover the story of our tasty artisan cheese's origins.

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bunker hill family
Our Grandfather, John (Hans) Dauwalder, trained as a master cheesemaker in Switzerland, and came to the United States in the 1920’s to display his artisan talents in a growing cheese market. After several successful years at the Bunker Hill Cheese Co-op, John decided to return to his hometown in Switzerland to further his romance with Lili Mueller. The two fell in love and were married in 1933.
john dauwalder
john dauwalder and wife
john and lili
john and lili with children
In 1948, John and Lili, together with their two children, Peter, our Father and Marguerite, our Aunt, sold the family farm in Switzerland to join John’s Brother Crist in the United States. Crist had purchased Bunker Hill Cheese in 1935 and asked John to join him in building the family cheese business.

In 1962, our parents Peter and Nancy, who were married in 1955, acquired Bunker Hill Cheese. Today it is one of the premier cheese retailers east of the Mississippi River, and one of the most successful wholesale manufacturers serving clients throughout North America.

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bunker hill family
grandma and grandpa with grown children around them
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Our family business continues to be the primary outlet for the local farms in the region, now with daughters Lisa and LeeAnne at the helm. The relationship between the farmers and the Dauwalder family is personal, and together we are committed to continuing into the 21st century. We offer several types of delicious cheese! These include raw milk cheese, A2 cheese, and even lactose free cheese! Now you may even buy our cheese online!

Our history of providing delicious cheese has lasted a long time. Now, we can provide people all across the country with our cheese!

This would have been a dream come true for our original founder, our grandfather, John Dauwalder. To be able to sell cheeses to all parts of the country is an honor that we are sure to rise up to. So, stop by our shop and find your new favorite cheese!

bunker hill family
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