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BUNKER HILL CHEESE CO., INC / Heini's Brand Cheese

Producing Artisan Cheese in Ohio's Amish Country Since 1935


Since 1999 Bunker Hill Cheese Co., Inc. has implemented a policy of using only milk from cows NOT treated with rbST, the recombinant or genetically engineered form of bST. This policy has been reinforced with the farmer signed affidavit that his/her farm does not supplement or administer rbST into their milk-producing herd. To further substantiate this claim the Ohio department of Agriculture is aggressively reviewing all records concerning the statement "Artificial Growth Hormone Free" and the labeling associated with this claim.

All cheese produced at Bunker Hill Cheese Co., Inc. is made with rbST free Milk. This would included, all Heini's Brand Cheese. All cheese packaged under the Heini's brand does have the "Artificial Growth Hormone Free" claim on its labeling and consumers can be assured that all milk used to manufacture Heini's Cheese is free of rbST.




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