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A2 Cheese from Bunker Hill Cheese: The Friendly Dairy Alternative

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Bunker Hill Cheese

Hello, cheese lovers and health nuts! Have you met the latest member of the dairy club, A2 Cheese? Let’s get to know this new gem and explore what sets it apart. Specifically, we’ll focus on a forerunner in the field – Bunker Hill Cheese.

What is A2 Cheese

Let’s break down what makes A2 cheese unique. It all starts with A2 milk, which is slightly different from the regular milk you might use. This milk only has A2 beta-casein protein. While regular milk has both A1 and A2 proteins, A2 milk sticks to just one kind. This small change makes a big difference for some people. Here’s a quick summary:

  • A2 Milk Source: A2 cheese is crafted from A2 milk. This milk is different because it only has the A2 beta-casein protein. Regular milk usually contains both A1 and A2 proteins.
  • The Significance: For many people, this difference is a game changer. It’s all about what’s easier on the stomach and better for health.
  • End Product: This particular milk goes into making A2 cheese. Brands like Bunker Hill Cheese specialize in using A2 milk for their cheeses.

Benefits of A2 Cheese

The A2 in the A2 cheese might be a game-changer for some folks. Here are the reasons:

  • For some, milk with both A1 and A2 proteins leads to tummy trouble. A2 cheese comes to the rescue with only the A2 protein.
  • If lactose intolerant, A2 cheese might be better for digestion.
  • Plus, scientists and nutrition experts are giving more thumbs-up to the health benefits of A2 products every day!

Who Should Consider A2 Cheese

Well, A2 cheese is worth a try if you fall under these categories:

  • You’re aiming for healthier eating.
  • You find it difficult to process regular dairy products.
  • Or you simply love trying out different kinds of cheese!

Where to Buy A2 Cheese

For those in search of the finest Artisan A2 Cheese, Bunker Hill Cheese is the destination. Prioritize your cheese experience by selecting from the range of A2 Cheese available at Bunker Hill Cheese. Purchase directly from us by visiting our online store to explore our selection and have your favorites delivered right to your door.

Make Bunker Hill Cheese your go-to for A2 cheese, and savor the craftsmanship we bring to every wheel and wedge.

How to Include A2 Cheese in Your Diet

Who doesn’t love cheese? A2 cheese isn’t any different – countless ways to relish it exist. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a dazzling cheese platter for a party.
  • Whip up a velvety sauce for your pasta.
  • Or simply nibble it as a delightful snack whenever you want!

Wrapping it Up

You don’t need to be a cheese connoisseur to enjoy A2 cheese. Fans of Bunker Hill Cheese and other A2 cheese brands are growing by the day. With its potential health benefits and wonderful blend of flavors, A2 cheese is steadily becoming a favorite in the dairy world. Why not give it a try?


What is A2 cheese?

A2 cheese is a special type made from the milk of A2 cows. These cows produce milk that contains the A2 beta-casein protein, which is a bit different from the A1 protein found in the milk of most other cows and, thus, in regular cheeses.

What is the difference between A1 and A2 proteins?

The difference between A1 and A2 proteins lies in their structure and how our bodies react to them. A1 and A2 proteins are two different types of beta-casein, which are present in cow’s milk. Some individuals find A1 protein hard to digest and associate it with potential discomfort and other health issues. On the other hand, A2 protein is considered more easily digestible for some, which means it may not cause the same discomfort.

Does A2 cheese taste different from regular cheese?

Not really. A2 cheese, for the most part, tastes and feels just like regular cheese. However, some cheese enthusiasts might detect a slight difference in flavor or texture – largely due to the unique properties of A2 milk.