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Carolina Reaper Cheese: Ignite Your Taste Buds with This Artisanal Delight

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Bunker Hill Cheese

Embrace the Unexpected: The Harmonious Symphony of Creamy Cheese & Fiery Spice

From the rolling hills of Ohio’s Amish Country, where the joys of simple living meet the artistry of handcrafted cheese, comes something special that will dance on your taste buds like a lively flame. Bunker Hill Cheese invites you on a journey of sizzling gourmet pleasure that blends tradition, craftsmanship, and a hint of adventure. Say hello to the Carolina Reaper Cheese: a heartwarming fusion of creamy, high-quality cheese and the world’s spiciest pepper.

Understanding the Carolina Reaper Pepper

Our story begins with the star of this fiery show, the Carolina Reaper Pepper. Named after the Grim Reaper himself, this little pepper sure packs a punch! It hails from the heart of South Carolina, the brainchild of cultivator Ed Currie. In 2013, the Guinness World Record recognized this blistering pepper as the world’s hottest.
The Carolina Reaper parades a unique tasteful blend of sweet, fruity flavor that deceives before unveiling a heat that makes your tongue tango. So why on earth did we decide to mix this heat bomb with our beloved cheese?

The Art of Making Carolina Reaper Cheese

At Bunker Hill Cheese, we’re dedicated purveyors of taste, treading that fine line between tradition and innovation. This pursuit led us to the fusion of the Carolina Reaper’s stimulating heat with the nuanced richness of our artisan cheese – a culinary waltz that we’re proud to stand behind.
Every wheel of our Carolina Reaper Cheese is nurtured into existence using our time-honored cheese-making methods. Our cheese curds get their fiery personality by mingling with finely ground Carolina Reaper peppers, birthing a unique combination of velvety smoothness and heat that is more of a slow waltz than a reckless quick-step.

Tasting Notes and Pairing Suggestions for Carolina Reaper Cheese

Tasting our Carolina Reaper Cheese is like embarking on a spirited adventure: it begins with the familiar creaminess of the cheese, then gradually – almost sneakily – plunges you into a rollercoaster of heat that’s hard to forget. Fear not, though, its heat perfectly balances between pain and pleasure, lasting just long enough to make you crave more.
When it comes to pairing, invite a lightly sweet Riesling or crisp apple cider to the dance to quell the peppery fire. On a charcuterie board, contrast its fiery demeanor with sweet elements like honey, pears, or mild grapes. For you brave hearts out there, why not pair it with a rich stout or a bold spicy red wine to let the sparks fly?

Incorporating Carolina Reaper Cheese into Your Kitchen

Wondering about adding this daring delight to your next meal? The Carolina Reaper Cheese strikes a fun twist into a conventional grilled cheese sandwich, adding an element of surprise that the whole family will enjoy. You can grate it over scrambled eggs for a heartwarming breakfast, or sprinkle over chili or tacos for a tantalizing uplift.
For recipes, visit our recipe section where we share simple, wholesome dishes showcasing the unique flavors of our Carolina Reaper Cheese.

An Invitation to a Flavorful Waltz: The Unforgettable Dance of Bunker Hill’s Carolina Reaper Cheese

Welcome to a world where cheese is more than just an everyday dairy product. Here, at Bunker Hill Cheese, it’s a playground of nostalgia, culinary excitement, and a testament to our commitment to the craft. Carolina Reaper Cheese – the cheese that dances on your tongue – stands as proof of this promise. So go ahead, step outside your comfort zone, and ignite your taste buds with the thrilling dance of artisanal delight that is our Carolina Reaper Cheese. Trust us, it’s a dance worth experiencing!


What is the spice level of Carolina Reaper Cheese?

Carolina Reaper Cheese provides a spicy kick, given that it’s made with the world’s spiciest pepper. However, the heat is balanced with the creamy cheese, creating a pleasant experience that’s enlivening but not unbearable.

How can I use Carolina Reaper Cheese in cooking?

Carolina Reaper Cheese can be an exciting addition to various dishes. You can melt it over nachos, incorporate it into grilled cheese sandwiches, grate it over pasta dishes, or sprinkle it over your homemade pizza.

Does the spice of the Carolina Reaper Pepper overpower the cheese’s flavor?

While the Carolina Reaper Pepper lends a distinctive heat to the cheese, it doesn’t overpower the cheese’s flavor. Instead, the creamy, slightly tangy quality of the cheese beautifully complements the pepper’s spiciness for a balanced experience.

Can I freeze Carolina Reaper Cheese?

Yes, you can freeze it, but it may affect the texture and flavor. Freezing can cause cheese to become grainy and lose some of its taste. Therefore, it’s best to consume the cheese within its shelf life and store it in the refrigerator.

What wines pair well with Carolina Reaper Cheese?

Given the cheese’s fiery demeanor, it pairs well with sweet and slightly acidic wines that can help tame the heat, like Riesling. If you’re a daring soul, try a spicy red wine to complement the pepper’s heat. Remember, wine pairing is very personal and subjective, so ultimately choose what best suits your palate.