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Christmas in July!

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Bunker Hill Cheese

Hey cheese enthusiasts, we have a fantastic announcement: Our special Christmas in July promotion is going on right now! You won’t want to miss this exclusive chance to save BIG on your Christmas gift orders from Bunker Hill Cheese.

What’s Christmas in July, and why not June?

You may have heard the term Christmas in July before, which usually references a summer celebration of our favorite winter holiday. This all started in the 1900s at a summer camp in North Carolina, where camp goers celebrated with fake snow and gift exchanges. The reason is still unknown to this day, but people have followed along ever since, and there was even a movie made about the phenomenon in the 1940s.

What Does This Have to Do with Cheese?

Great question! Bunker Hill Cheese loves Christmas so much, that we decided to add a little something to your July holiday festivities. Right now, when you order from our website, you will receive FREE shipping on your Christmas gift boxes, no matter how many you order.

Why is Free Shipping a Big Deal?

We’re glad you asked! Our gift boxes are heavily sought after around the holidays because they are universal, customizable, and delicious! Not to mention, you can’t find quality cheddar, gouda, keto, and lactose-free cheese options like ours just anywhere. This all means that we’re giving you a chance to get a head start on your orders and get what you want now so that you don’t have to scramble later. AND, if you’re ordering several gift boxes as many do around the holidays, we know that can translate to a heavy shipping price tag. So, give the gift you truly want and save big when you order ahead!

Ready to buy now, ship later? Use the code crsmasinjuly2022 to get FREE delivery on all gift boxes and receive your shipments before Christmas! Click the link to shop our cheese online and order today!