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Tasting Tournament: A March Madness Cheese Tasting Event at Home

Bunker Hill Cheese
Bunker Hill Cheese

Score Big with Flavor: Take Your March Madness Watch Party Up a Notch with a Bunker Hill Cheese Tasting Bash

The wait for March Madness is almost over! It’s not merely watching the bouncing basketballs and buzzer beaters; it’s about friendship, enjoyment, and, inevitably, snacking. This year, amp up your viewing party with a zesty twist—a March Madness Cheese Tasting Bash by Bunker Hill Cheese.

Why a Cheese Tasting?

Each game brings suspense; the athletes amaze, but imagine infusing that excitement into your food spread. Introducing a cheese tasting to the March Madness festivities creates an engaging, exceptional party experience.

Taste the broad spectrum of gourmet Bunker Hill Cheeses — from nuanced flavors and textures to inviting aromas while catching up on basketball mania.

Menu Construction

A successful cheese tasting requires a diversified, tempting cheese collection. Create an impressive array by selecting from Bunker Hill Cheese’s extensive range:

  • Diverse Cheese Types: Incorporate a balance of hard, soft, fresh, and aged cheeses to engage a spectrum of sensations.
  • Classic Favorites: Swiss cheese, with its mild nuttiness and butter-rich Havarti, should feature for its crowd-pleasing appeal.
  • Intense Offerings: Present Blue cheese for those who relish a potent, tangy kick.
  • Bunker Hill Exclusives: Don’t miss out on unique finds like smoky Bacon cheese or lush Brie—the standout choices that up the game on your board.
  • Raw Milk Variants: Showcase the depth of flavors with classic raw milk Cheddar—unprocessed and full-bodied.
  • A2 Milk Options: Cater to sensitivities and health-conscious choices by including easily digestible A2 Milk Cheeses on your menu.

Lead your guests through a taste progression from the milder to the more intense varieties to keep the experience spirited and engaging.

Educate Your Guests

A cheese tasting is as much about enlightenment as it is about eating. Offer insight into each cheese variant with tasting cards that outline:

  • Flavor Notes
  • Textural Aspects
  • Aromatic Qualities

This turns tasting into an informed discussion, elevating the experience.

Pairings and Accompaniments

Great pairings can elevate a cheese’s profile. Here’s how to complement your selections:

  • Wine Connections: Align your cheeses with ideal wines. For instance, pair a robust Cheddar with a Pinot Noir, while Brie finds its match in Riesling or Unoaked Chardonnay.
  • Crackers Galore: A mix of classic and flavored crackers adds a contrasting crunch to the cheese platters.
  • Fruit Notes: Incorporate fresh and dried fruits, such as crisp apples and succulent figs, for a sweet juxtaposition highlighting the cheese’s flavor range.
  • Nutty Accents: Almonds and walnuts bring a textured contrast, especially alongside matured cheeses.
  • Honey Drizzle: Blue cheese with a touch of honey is divine for a sweet and pungent union.

Aim for harmony in your pairings, letting each flavor stand out without overshadowing the others. Play with various combinations to create a tasting event that excites all senses.

Setting up Your Tasting Event

The setup is part of the thrill, so go for a rustic ambiance with wooden boards for a genuine tasting setting. Create an appealing arrangement by placing the cheeses, fruits, nuts, and bread with an artistic touch. Label each cheese to identify it, indicate its characteristics, and, ideally, its pairing suggestions. Aim for serving sizes of 1 to 2 ounces per person – this ensures variety and balance and keeps the focus on tasting rather than over-indulging. To complete the setup, make sure to provide plenty of palate-cleansing water, as well as wine to complement the cheeses.

How to Cheese Taste with a March Madness Twist

Convert cheese tasting into a game with a March Madness Cheese Bracket:

  • Start Mild: First, guide guests through milder cheese types to cleanse their palate and set the stage.
  • Move to Bold: Progress to more pungent cheeses, allowing a full appreciation of the complex flavors and varieties.
  • Personalized Lists: Have everyone track their preferred cheeses, which will be handy for future purchases and add a personal touch.
  • Brackets and Competition: Use their favored cheeses to create a fun March Madness Bracket, making the event competitive and interactive.

Celebrate and Share

Whether you’re a beginner or an enthusiast, embark on your journey in cheese tasting by stopping by Bunker Hill Cheese or visiting their online shop for premium cheese varieties guaranteed to make this March Madness memorable and delicious.