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Who We Are

Welcome to Bunker Hill Cheese, where tradition meets taste right in the heart of Ohio’s Amish country. Dive into the story of our beloved founder, John (Hans) Dauwalder – a Swiss master cheesemaker whose dreams blossomed on American soil, blending Swiss precision with Ohio’s lush dairy farms to craft the finest Amish cheese.

Since 1948, our family has been at the helm, weaving love, heritage, and the pursuit of cheesemaking excellence into every slice. Peter and Nancy, alongside their daughters Lisa and LeeAnne, have carried this legacy forward, making Bunker Hill Cheese a celebrated name from coast to coast.

In our cozy nook of Ohio, we bridge generations and communities, partnering with local farmers to bring you an array of irresistible cheeses – from the rich, creamy textures of raw milk cheese to A2 cheese and lactose-free options. And with our online store, this delectable world of Amish cheese is just a click away, ready to transform your meals and gatherings.

Our journey from a small family operation to a beacon of artisanal cheesemaking reflects a commitment not just to quality, but to the joy of sharing. Visit our shop or explore online to find your new favorite cheese, and let’s craft unforgettable moments, one slice at a time.

Craving some culinary inspiration? Our easy-to-follow cheese recipes are perfect for cheese lovers eager to dive into deliciousness.

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Discover Amish Country's Charm and Cheese

Immerse yourself in the serenity of Holmes County, where the beauty of Amish country unfolds in a tapestry of lush rolling hills and picturesque farm scenes. It’s here, among the workhorses and harvested fields, that you’ll find Bunker Hill Cheese – a testament to tradition and a portal to simpler times.

Spring blossoms into summer with the earth’s renewal, and autumn reveals a palette of harvest colors, transitioning into the tranquil whites of winter. Nestled in this idyllic setting, our cheese chalet stands as a proud purveyor of Amish cheese, inviting you to taste the essence of Ohio.

But our corner of the world offers more than just cheese. A stone’s throw away, you’ll discover quaint shops, cozy lodgings, and cultural treasures in theaters and local artisanship. It’s a journey back in time, enriched by the flavors and stories of Amish cheese making at Bunker Hill Cheese. Come for the cheese, stay for the charm, and leave with memories woven into the fabric of Amish country life.