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Frequently Asked Questions

Made with 100% Amish Farm Milk

Bunker Hill Cheese Company is provided a continuous supply of 100% Amish Farm Milk from the local farming community. The Amish Farm Milk contains no added hormones and is the only milk used in the production of our all natural cheeses.

Since the days of traditional milk cans arriving on the back of an Amish buggy to the present day, our relationship with area farmers goes back decades, a fact that we are extremely proud of.

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No Added Hormones

Each of the over 250 Amish Farms that provide milk to Bunker Hill Cheese Company for the production of our cheese have been certified that they use no added hormones on their farms.

At Bunker Hill Cheese Company, we are committed everyday to providing our customers with the quality, consistency, and natural goodness that they have come to expect from our cheese.


Producing Artisan Cheese in Ohio’s Amish Country Since 1935

Bunker Hill Cheese’s Raw Milk Cheeses is produced without the processing aid known as pasteurization. Pasteurization is a process step where the milk is heated to not less than 161.5° F and held at that temperature for a minimum of 15 seconds. This process step is used to kill unwanted bacteria in the milk. There are many arguments in regards to the effect of the pasteurization to the proteins and fatty acids in milk. At this high of a temperature (161.5° F) it is argued that the proteins become denatured and that fatty acids are destroyed which eliminates a lot of the value one gets by eating or drinking dairy products.

In effort to supply our consumers with an option of choosing either pasteurized or unpasteurized (raw milk) cheese product we have made available our Raw Milk Cheeses. We produce our Raw Milk Cheeses according to the FDA Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR133.113. As stated in the fore mentioned regulations any Raw Milk cheese that is manufactured without aid of pasteurization must be stored at a temperature of not less than 35° F for a minimum of 60 days. Cheese being a fermented food, has its natural fermentation process a natural break down and formation of lactic acid. The increase of the lactic acid presence in the cheese helps in the destruction and protects the cheese from the growth of unwanted bacteria that was not eliminated in the pasteurization process. The Ohio Department of Agriculture who is Bunker Hill Cheese’s FDA representative and our regulatory agency does monitor our storage practices to assure the consumer that our Raw Milk Cheeses is indeed aged for the required 60 days.

We at Bunker Hill Cheese want our customers to be as informed about our products as possible. We pride ourselves in our cheeses and the fact that our milk comes from small Amish farms in our Ohio community. We hope the above information is of use to you in making an informed decision in choosing the Heini’s Cheese of your choice.


Producing Artisan Cheese in Ohio’s Amish Country Since 1935

Since 1999 Bunker Hill Cheese Co., Inc. has implemented a policy of using only milk from cows NOT treated with rbST, the recombinant or genetically engineered form of bST. This policy has been reinforced with the farmer signed affidavit that his/her farm does not supplement or administer rbST into their milk-producing herd. To further substantiate this claim the Ohio department of Agriculture is aggressively reviewing all records concerning the statement “Artificial Growth Hormone Free” and the labeling associated with this claim.

All cheese produced at Bunker Hill Cheese Co., Inc. is made with rbST free Milk. This would included, all Heini’s Brand Cheese. All cheese packaged under the Heini’s brand does have the “Artificial Growth Hormone Free” claim on its labeling and consumers can be assured that all milk used to manufacture Heini’s Cheese is free of rbST.

Family owned and operated from this location since 1935.

There are over thirty-five varieties, which we prepare here in various sizes. Pluse we offer an extensive variety of purchased and imported cheeses.

All varieties of Bunker Hill natural cheese are made in Berlin, Ohio.

No. Cheese has a natural source of fat from cow milk.

Our Yogurt Cheese is lower in fat than most cheeses, but cheese as a whole is not a low fat food.

Our Traditional Swiss and Baby Swiss Cheese.

Yes. Heini’s Yogurt Cheese varieties, except for Jalapeno Pepper are low sodium.

Heini’s Original Flavor Yogurt Cultured Cheese.

Provided it doesn’t mold, cheese may be resealed and kept for months.

Yes, cheese can be frozen for up to six months.

No. Heini’s Cheese will not spoil at room temperature. Since there are live, active cultures in the cheese, the flavor will only become more sharp. If mold forms on the cheese, it may be cut off and the rest of the cheese is still safe to eat. We actually recommend eating Heini’s Cheese at room temperature, as the flavor and texture will be at its best.

Annatto – a natural color that comes from the annatto seed.

Yogurt cheese contains live, active yogurt cultures, which are good for your digestive system.

Yes. Yogurt cheese contains yogurt and is fortified with live yogurt cultures.

Yes. Yogurt cultures in yogurt cheese have a healthy pro-biotic affect that works together with your digestive system.

Bifidus is one of the yogurt cultures beneficial to your health.

These letters are short for artificial growth hormones.

This is the rennet coagulant used to make cheese.

Bunker Hill Yogurt Cultured® Cheese is lactose free.

Yes. All of our cheese is gluten free.

No. Bunker Hill Cheese’s are not made with animal rennet.

Lacey Baby Swiss has a lacey, “curdy” texture and cream flavor. Baby Swiss has Swiss flavor with smaller Swiss holes.

Holes come naturally during the curing process as the cheese is aged.

Cheese ends are odd sized pieces left over as trim cuts of conventional cheese sizes. They have the same flavor and quality, but are less appealing simply because of their shape.

Milk received at Bunker Hill Cheese Co., Inc. to produce Bunker Hill Brand and certified organic Green Field Farms by BUnker Hill cheeses comes from a pasture based milk supply. This means that the cows are sent to pasture between milking times when the weather allows. At milking time the farmer may feed the cows small amounts of hay and grain to balance the cow’s needed nutritional balance. When the climate is acceptable and cows are pastured most of their diet is derived from fresh grass. In the event of extremely cold temperatures or the snow ground cover prevents the cow from reaching the pasture grass, the cows are kept in the barn where daily rations are fed of hay, corn silage and grains to keep their nutritional values as needed to assure cow health which in turn stabilizes milk production.