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Lactose Free Original Cheese


Delicious Lactose-Free Cheese For Intolerant Foodies!

Check out Bunker Hill’s great lactose-free cheese, made from the finest ingredients possible. Leading to a delicious treat for all who are lactose intolerant. When you have a hankering for cheese, but know your stomach wouldn’t agree with you, check out our great lactose-free alternative. Made with the freshest ingredients, and a distinct lack of lactose, you can have this cheese without having to worry about your stomach!

So, when you are looking around to buy lactose-free cheese, make sure you choose one made with love, care, and the best ingredients around!

How is lactose-free cheese made? The process begins with breaking down the lactose in the cheese by adding in lactase. Since the lactose has already been broken down, your body can easily digest the cheese! This is great news for all our lactose-intolerant friends, we understand the troubles they go through. Thus, our lactose-free cheese was born. This process has been refined over many years, leading to a product that is sure to please even the most lactose-intolerant people.

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Ingredients: Pasteurized Part-Skim Milk, Salt, Microbial Coagulant, Yogurt (Part-Skim Milk and Cultures), Yogurt Cultures, Acidophilus, Bifidus, and Casei.

Lactose Free Original Cheese