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Shop Raw Milk Cheese

Experience the full-bodied taste and superior quality of raw milk cheese from Bunker Hill Cheese. Our collection of raw cheese is crafted without pasteurization, allowing the authentic and robust flavors of raw cow’s milk cheese to flourish. Each slice of our unpasteurized cheese offers a unique flavor profile that truly distinguishes it from its pasteurized counterparts.

Our Unpasteurized Cheese: A Promise of Quality and Care

Our raw milk cheddar, a customer favorite, is meticulously aged in compliance with the FDA’s 21CFR133.113 regulations. This ensures that our raw milk cheddar remains stored at temperatures of no less than 35 F for a minimum of 60 days to naturally inhibit the growth of unwanted bacteria and refine its taste.

Bunker Hill Cheese is committed to transparency and excellence. Our unpasteurized cheese is a testament to our dedication, with every block reflecting our relentless pursuit of quality and our support for the local farms that supply us with the finest raw milk.

Why Choose Raw Milk Cheese?

Choosing our raw cheese means indulging in a product closely monitored by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure that safety standards are met without compromising the integrity and flavor only found in raw milk cheese.

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