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Step into our sweet emporium at Bunker Hill Cheese, where every nibble and crunch is a ticket back to the cherished flavors of yesteryear, reimagined with a gourmet twist. Our Gourmet Black Licorice and Gourmet Licorice selections are a luxurious take on the classic treat—crafted with pure, intense flavors that sing of authenticity and a deep respect for tradition. These are licorices not just meant to be tasted, but savored, reflecting generations of artisanal expertise woven into each bite.

Don’t miss out on the playful charm of our Waffle Cone Pieces and Giant Gumdrops, each a masterpiece of whimsical delight designed to sprinkle joy into your day. Whether it’s the comforting crunch of ice cream parlour-style waffle pieces or the cheerful, sugary puff of our oversized gumdrops, these sweets create moments of joy and connection. At Bunker Hill Cheese, our delights are more than just treats; they are crafted experiences meant to be shared with friends and family, continuing the tradition of quality and community through every generational recipe.